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Mei Apothecary

Triple Threat Led Gua Sha Tool

Triple Threat Led Gua Sha Tool

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Mei Apothecary - Triple Threat Led Gua Sha Tool

An LED gua sha tool that packs a punch!

Combining three top of the line technology features for maximum results. LED Light x Heat x Sonic Vibration.

Key Benefits
* firm and massage the face
* reduce facial tension and stress
* aid in the penetration of skincare products
* promote lymphatic drainage
* give skin a healthy glow What I do
* Red LED: with healing properties proven by NASA, red LED helps boost collagen production while reducing inflammation
* Heat: with a temperature of up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit, heat helps relax the muscles and boost blood circulation
* Sonic Vibrations: with over 8000 revolutions per minute, sonic vibrations massage the face and aid in product penetration

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